Amongst vanilla
On a mountain top
Just me and Lu
Nothing to do

Take a ride in the clouds
Fall down
But you push on through
Carve out the lines
of our time in our prime
just we two

What's around the corner
I'm about to know
What's around the corner
I think I can I go

I stop for a second
Look around not a sound
But his question if to go
So I tell him turn around
And I'll meet you over there
By the chair

Little do we know
That this could be the last time
That he sees me
With my soul

Slide out of control
To the next tear below
Slide out of control
Thirty feet to the floor

Big Slow Down

Smack my face
Dig a hole
Call the people for ski patrol
I'm alive
That's what matters this time
It feels like a broken leg
It don't matter I ain't dead

Check me out I'm all right
Wrap me up lets ride
Sun is blazing so hard
Thank God