war brings war
murder breeds murder
violence is society's escape
people get fed
and people accept
open your eyes you're in the straight as well

what is the deal
this life is real
what is the deal
don't just think feel

two different animals
its all the same thing
take people's lives and live in a dream
you want the truth
and they give it a spin
we need a little help from a friend

oh we need
to break
this cycle of violence

empires fall
dynasties crumble
war after war and nothing has changed
we put up our flags
and ask for revenge
why not put down our arms and lend out a hand
it runs in all of our blood
boils inside will eat you alive
feel the rush coming up your spine
youll blow up its just a matter of time

jealousy red of wine
will destroy you give it some time
jealousy white as fangs
will poison you give it a chance

you cant fight it its a human trait
insecurity is where it manifests
if you let it it will take its toll
what you need is a lot of control

it feels right but you know you're wrong
you trust the other with everything that you own
you feel selfish yet you give no slack
then insult and you cant take it back
lonely brother
he don't wanna stay
he likes to holler
but he won't play

cause i can't live again
no i can't live again
i can't live again
i can live again

lonely brother
he gets pulled away
torn to the other side
but he wont play

super brother
super brother
super brother yeah

no time for anything
no time to even sing
because we've got so much to do
cause we've got so much to do